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14 Finger Knitting Projects--By MOLLIE JOHANSON Updated on 05/07/21

Finger Knitting-Trimmed Pillows

Finger knitting is a simple way for kids and adults to knit without needles, and these easy tutorials let you make all kinds of finger knitting projects!

Many tutorials for this technique are geared towards kids and that's because this is an easy way for children to make knitted items. However, adults shouldn't pass by those projects. Often a "kid-craft" can become suitable for all ages by working with different materials.

Using chunky t-shirt yarn gives finger knitting a casual but sophisticated look. You can also work with bulky luxury yarns or several strands of other quality yarns to make your work a little tighter and more full. You can even finger knit with things like rope and wire.

Learn the basics of knitting on four fingers, then try out these different types of projects and even a few other finger knitting techniques.

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Put a Finger-Knit Skip in Your Step

Finger Knitting Jump Rope

Author Anne Weil wrote the book on Knitting Without Needles and she shares this adorable project from her book on the Hobby Craft website. By working with rope instead of yarn, you can make a sturdy jump rope. It's a perfect project for kids to craft an outdoor toy or for adults to create a gift (or get some exercise of their own).

How to Finger Knit a Skipping Rope from Anne Weil for Hobby Craft

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Braid a Finger-Knitted Necklace

Braided I-Cord Necklace

I-cord is a knitting technique that results in a chain that's similar to finger knitting. While the original tutorial for this chunky braided necklace uses i-cord, you could use your finger knitting instead and craft a true statement necklace. The two methods aren't interchangeable normally, but in this case, they can be, and that makes this a perfect source of finger knitting inspiration.

How to Braid an I-Cord Necklace from Lebenslustiger

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Celebrate the Seasons With Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting Holiday Banner

In this fun tutorial, The Spruce Craft's Mollie Johanson shows how to make a shamrock banner with finger knitting at Handmade Charlotte. It's a fun way to make seasonal decor, but you can apply the technique to other designs too. They also show how to do something similar on a pillow with thinner cording

in the shape of a flamingo.

Finger Knitting Shamrock Banner from Handmade Charlotte

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Use Finger Knitting as Texture

Finger Knitted Bunny Decoration

Kimberly from A Wonderful Thought shares a wonderful finger knitting idea that you can do with your kids or on your own. Starting with a sweet bunny cut out of wood, she shows how to transform it into a textured decor piece for your home. Kids can do the finger knitting and you can attach it to any shape you like.

Finger-Knitted Bunny Craft from A Wonderful Thought

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Stay Snug and Cozy on a Finger-Knit Rug

Finger-Knit Snug Life Rug

Feeling cozy? Make several long pieces (or even one long piece) of finger knitting and then coil them up into a rug. Pip from Meet Me at Mikes shows how fun it can be to add some playful pompoms and a simple technique into your home decor.

Snug Life Rug from Meet Me at Mikes

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Finger Knit a Fun Necklace

Beaded Finger Knitting Necklaces

With colorful yarn and some wooden beads, these necklaces are a great way to give kids a taste of finger knitting without getting overwhelmed by a large project. They're also fun to wear and share with friends.

Kid-Made Beaded Finger Knitting Necklace from Hello, Wonderful

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Create a Finger-Knit Basket

Finger-Knit Spring Basket Tutorial

Knitted and crocheted baskets are popular in home decor and Imagine Childhood shows you how to do the same thing with finger knitting. In the tutorial, they use a larger French knitting spool that makes a full tube, but you can use standard finger knitting and either stitch the edges into a tube or use your cording just as it is.

Finger Knit Spring Basket from Imagine Childhood

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Add Finger Knitting to a Pillow

Finger Knitting-Trimmed Pillows

Sometimes less is more and that concept makes a big statement on these stylish pillows from Flax and Twine. By adding chunky finger knitting to the edges of simple pillows, it shows off your knitting while adding a pop of color (even in a pastel). Toss a few on your favorite chair or sofa.

Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillow from Flax and Twine

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Weave a Finger-Knit Bath Mat

Finger Knit Chunky Woven Bath Mat

Why not combine two craft techniques in one useful and fresh project? This bath mat starts with lengths of finger knitting, and then it uses those pieces to weave a bath mat. Working with t-shirt yarn makes it absorbent and soft as you step out of the shower, but you could also make a rug like this for in your kitchen.

Chunky Woven Bath Mat DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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Keep Your Neck Warm With Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting Infinity Scarf

One of the easiest ways to wear finger knitting is to make an infinity scarf with layers of finger-knit chains. Hello Glow shows you one method for making this accessory, but as you work with a long piece of finger knitting, you'll probably discover even more ways to style it and make it your own.

DIY Finger Knit Infinity Scarf from Hello Glow

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Use Finger Knitting to Make a Beanie

Finger Knitting Beanie Tutorial

Most finger knitting projects start as long cords that you connect in some way, but this hat project from Bean Creative shows you how to make rows or rounds of finger knitting as you go. You can use this technique to craft projects of almost any size, including blankets. Not only does this project teach finger knitting in rows, but it also shows how to decrease your stitches to add shaping to the beanie.

Beanie Hat DIY from Bean Creative for Red Ted Art

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Finger Knit a Chunky Bracelet

DIY Chunky Finger-Knit Bracelet on a Wrist

Once you learn the basics of finger knitting, you can turn your first sample into an easy-to-make and easy-to-wear accessory. When you work with chunky t-shirt yarn (which you can even make yourself), it only takes a few minutes of knitting to create your own statement bracelet.

How to Finger Knit from The Spruce Crafts

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Make a Furry Friend With Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting Bunny Project

Finger knitting can become so many things—even an adorable soft toy. This little rabbit plush comes from Red Ted Art (who has even more tutorials with this technique), and it's sure to be a hit with little ones. Once you make these, why not see what other creatures you can finger knit?

Easy Finger Knitting Bunny DIY from Red Ted Art

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Finger Knit Adorable Animal HeadbandsFinger Knit Animal Ears

Babies are always cute, but they get cuter when you add animal ears. Use finger knitting to make these sweet tie-on headbands for your little cutie. They're designed for babies, but kids of all ages may want to join the fun of making and wearing their own set of animal ears.

30-Minute Finger Knit Animal Ears from The Kurtz Corner