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Curved Corner Cutter Quilt Ruler

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Create round corners on any of your projects with the Curved Corner Cutter Quilt Ruler! Choose curves with a radius of 1½", 2", or 3". Each curve features black markings at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Your new ruler will slide easliy over fabric until pressure is applied, and then the ruler stays in place, gripping the fabric! Ruler is approximately 6" x 6" and comes with instructions.How to sew rounded corners. How to sew rounded corners on quilts. It can be frustrating to finish a sewing project only to find that the corners are not that round. For this method you'll want to make sure your right sides are together and the top and sides line up perfectly.

This ruler allows you to add rounded corners to every of your project. Be careful not to push your tool too hard and puncture the fabric. Press this ruler and you can steady cut the edge scraps to get perfect round corners effortlessly. Lining up piece of fabric to get round corners is also recommended. 

Rounded Corner Double Ruler Set